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If you have registered your referral code before and obtained a view key, enter it here to view your code's statistics.

The code must have been used at least once. This is to prevent people flooding the database with useless codes.

Any code can still be shared and used you don't have to do anything on the website to create a code. This form is only for obtaining your view key to view statistics.

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Tips to maximise your passive income

Put your referral link in your discord bio, this takes 10 seconds and is a good way to earn passive income. You can join 2b2t related servers to increase the number of people who see your link.

Create YouTube videos with a 2b2t.Shop sponsored segment, this is very effective if you are making anarchy related videos. If you get 10,000 views with a 5% conversion rate, that is 500 orders and all you had to do was a 30s segment.

Encourage potential customers to buy as much as possible to increase your revenue per order

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Create a support ticket in the Discord to withdraw.


You will receive 20% of the order price of all orders using your code. For an order to qualify, the customer must either enter your code at checkout or use your referral link to have it automatically applied.

To withdraw your credit, you must have a minimum of $20 accumulated from codes. This is to encourage you to work hard to spread your code and also to save our team having to spend all day giving people their referral money. You can choose to withdraw your credit in store credit, PayPal money, CashApp money, or crypto. Please note that if you want to withdraw as crypto there will be a 20% fee as we don't have much. For withdrawals in kits, you will get a 10% credit bonus.

Your code will be added to the database when an order is processed containing your code. Customers can enter your code in the discount code box on the checkout page.